Encino Outpatient Surgery Center is a multi-specialty, state of the art, American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) and Medicare certified outpatient surgery center.

…the Los Angeles area’s premier ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Today, the best surgeons have elected to perform many procedures and surgeries on their patients as an outpatient (go home the same day) at an ASC. Not only is the risk of infection lower at an ASC compared to a hospital, but the patient experience is usually superior. Hospitals are for sick people.
EOSC was created thoughtfully by physicians with the goal of providing patients the most outstanding, safe, comfortable and state of the art experience. We recognize that having a procedure or surgery can be stressful and anxiety provoking. The calming and comforting environment of EOSC coupled with the most experienced staff and physicians provides patients with an unparalleled experience that puts them at ease and instils confidence commensurate with the credentials and care provided by our board-certified physicians.
Patients love the fact that every member of our team at EOSC is devoted to high-quality, efficient and patient centric care. Although we opened in 2012, many of our physicians and clinical team members have worked together for more than 20 years. Familiarity of physicians with our nurses and surgical technicians allows patients to experience smooth, efficient and effective care rarely available at other ASCs or hospitals. Studies have shown that when teams of clinical caregivers - such as doctors and nurses consistently work together - the quality and safety of care delivered is superior. Don’t you deserve the BEST?

Experienced Surgeons. Personal Care. Exceptional Convenience.

Patients and referring physicians have been choosing us since we opened in 2012. Because patients and their families come first a tremendous amount of resources have been dedicated to the design, comfort, and décor of EOSC. We welcome each patient as if they are family. Our surgical specialties include:


Our Anesthesiologists

  • EOSC is proud to affiliate with only the communities best board-certified anaesthesiologists to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience for our patients. EOSC has a strict selection process for our anesthesiologists. Since only a small group of handpicked anesthesiologists are affiliated with EOSC they are very familiar with the surgeons and nurses they work with as well as available.

  • Your anesthesologist is a private practice physician. As such you will receive a separate bill for anesthesia services rendered from that of your physicians professional fees and EOSC facility fees.

Financial Responsibility – What Should I expect?

EOSC recognizes that healthcare expenditures have skyrocketed with more and more financial responsibility being shifted to the patient. Premiums, deductibles and co-pays have all gone up significantly in recent years. We strive to take as much stress out of having a procedure or surgery by being transparent and providing patients with their expected financial responsibility for the facility fee portion of their visit in advance of the surgery. A conscious effort is made to notify patients at least several days in advance of any co-pays and deductibles that will be due on the day of the procedure. Because EOSC advises patients in advance of the amount due and this is collected on the day of the procedure no surprise bills for the facility fee portion of their surgery will be received after the fact.

A few additional important points will help patients better understand the financial component of their surgery center visit:

  • Facility fees charged by EOSC are SEPARATE from the professional fees charged by your treating physician and anesthesiologist.
  • If applicable, there may be SEPARATE charges for pathology, lab and/or x-ray services.

An explanation of benefits (EOB) provided to you by your insurance company is NOT a bill for you, but rather an explanation of charges billed.

In-Network vs. Out of Network – What Does This Mean?

Although EOSC is in-network with Medicare and a few HMOs we have decided to remain out of network with most PPO plans. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you cannot be treated at EOSC or will pay more for our services:

  • Patients and employers pay large amounts for insurance premiums and often out of network benefits are an included component of these high premiums. This allows patients to exercise their right to be treated at an out of network facility.

  • EOSC is committed to being transparent and letting you know what your financial responsibility will be PRIOR to your procedure.

  • Many in-network surgery centers and hospitals may collect a co-pay on the day of service or quote an “estimate” of a patient’s financial responsibility. HOWEVER, sticker shock often occurs weeks or months after a procedure once their claim has been adjudicated by their insurance carrier and the patient’s true financial responsibility has been determined per a bill they receive in the mail. There is no way to accurately determine this amount in advance by in-network centers or hospitals as the ultimate procedure done by the physician may dictate codes known as CPT codes which change the charges and ultimate patient responsibility.

Why is EOSC out of network with my insurance plan?

  • EOSC is committed to provide the most outstanding, high quality and state of the art care to our patients. We are not your “run of the mill” surgery center and will not settle for anything less than our patients receiving the BEST care on every level. Often, in-network contracts do not provide a situation of reimbursement which allows delivery of the highest quality of care. Therefore, we determine the patients’ financial responsibility in advance. After collecting the determined co-pay and deductibles the onus of responsibility rests with EOSC to collect from the insurance carrier. We find this model is a win-win for the patient and EOSC.

Our mission is to provide the best available outpatient surgical care, personalized for each patient efficiently and conveniently, and to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Discover state-of-the-art surgical care at Encino Outpatient Surgery Center. Contact us at 818.986.1037 for more information.

EOSC Difference

Patients chose to have outpatient surgery each year.
  • State of the Art American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) and Medicare Certified Surgery Center
  • Only board-certified physicians
  • Patient centric focus
  • Valet Parking
  • Prestigious Encino Location on Ventura Boulevard
  • High patient satisfaction ratings. 95% of patients would return or recommend EOSC to friends & family

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Between my back and my neck, I've had 5 epidurals in the last two years. Today was my first with Dr. Glaser. While I was a bit apprehensive due to some prior experiences, without a doubt this was the best experience I've had with respect to both pain management and anesthesia. It's only a few hours since the epidural procedure on my neck and I'm already feeling substantially better. Dr. Glaser and his team (both at his office and at the Encino Outpatient Surgery Center (EOSC) were kind, compassionate, courteous, timely, efficient and super professional! I look forward to reclaiming my life. Thanks again Dr. Glaser!

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